First, a word about search engines:

If I type ‘Copywriter’ into Google right now, I get roughly 20,100,000 results- too many to sift through in one lifetime.  The job of search engines like Google or Yahoo or is to index or rank the exponentially mind-blowing universe of information on the web so that you can quickly find a reputable local plumber when your bathroom begins to resemble Sea World. 


As person, I'm into language.  As a copywriter, it is my professional duty to constantly improve my vocabulary.  How convenient.  

This is what I do (and what you can do, too, even and especially if words are not your forte):

I’ve done quite a bit of copywriting work this year for Transition Edinburgh South.  TES organises and supports green and community stuff in Edinburgh like waste reuse and upcycle initiatives, talks and gatherings, community gardens, energy schemes, and other outreach activities.

I worked as a copywriter with TES and The Oliphant Group to create content for the TES website and a script for a promotional web video.  We chose the open source project management application Open Atrium over Facebook to manage these projects.  I love Facebook, but after using Open Atrium for community group projects, we never looked back.

Here’s why:

Video is a great way to build up a presence on the web.  If you do it right, potential customers will get to know you and trust you much quicker with their business.  

The key to any successful video is a well worked out script. If you have a good script, then making your video becomes easy and you’ll get it right the first time. If your script doesn’t quite work, your video can’t work either. And videos are expensive to remake.  

So here are my top 5 tips that will make your life easier:

1- Length- ‘KISS’

Keep It Short and Simple: short sentences; simple, exact language. Lose the jargon (test your script on an outsider to make sure), and do not underestimate the phenomenal cosmic power of the singular and strong message.

Most people dread public speaking. It is one of those fears that come close to (or exceed for some) the fear of a grizzly death. Understandable: there isn't much worse than standing in front of an audience and not knowing what to say.

Here is an client of mine delivering a killer talk we prepared together using an approach which I think works really well.

University of Edinburgh scheme saves unwanted belongings and raises money for charity.

(orginally posted on website)

The majority of an estimated 10 tonnes of discarded items from halls of residence will be stored over the summer and made available to students in September.

Free Shop organiser, Ben Miller, explains the project. He said: “Each student in university accommodation gets given a standard plastic bin bag and they can leave anything that they don’t want.


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