I met David Seagrave at the Remade in Edinburgh reuse project.  He comes along every Friday for a natter and to learn and share reuse techniques.  We got talking, as you inevitably do with David, and he has turned out to be a most captivating individual.  

To publicise his contribution to the Re: See It exhibition on this week at Edinburgh's Art's Complex, I wrote an article for the local stv.tv news blog.

Very good.  I sit down at my desk next morning and, lo, an email from the Edinburgh Evening News!  I smartly whip the STV article into a press release (see March post for tips) and managed to get David an interview for that afternoon.  See the result in the Edinburgh Evening News

press release planePress release templates online are a dime a dozen.  Five minutes one the Google and you should have the idea: Contact, headline, intro, body, boilerplate, media contacts, et voila! Press release. 

To these essential ingredients, I would add a heaping dollop of class.  Woo those journos with straight facts, poignant quotations and an interesting angle and not only will they pick up your story, but they are also more likely to use your words, too.

Here goes, 

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